"I found this on an ATM when trying to withdraw money," Putu Sanjaya wrote, "I suppose 0 is still a multiple of 10."


Dustin Clonch got this message after he upgraded from 4.2.5 to 4.2.6.


"Apparently How Stuff Works is a little keen on precision, if not accuracy," notes Jude.


"I read this as, 'The spirit is willing, but the software is weak.'" Kennith writes, "but I was just trying to get a quote..."


Dustin spoted this on the Toys'r'us flyer.


"I was looking for a Silverlight solution, and IntelliSense pointed me to a cool sounding TextBox property called Watermark," Jeff Litster wrote, "after reading the 'Property Value' section, it sounded like exactly what I need. Too bad the rest of the document leaves one unsure of whether or not they should utilize it..."


"Hey let's play a fun game called 'guess the secret maximum price!'" writes Andrew, "whoops, I guess $100 is too much!"


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