No thanks, MSN Messenger, I'd rather not.

(submitted by Kamil K.)


What are you going to do, Mick M.?


Temperature on the outer layer of the sun: 6,000° C (11,000° F). Temperature of Nick's video card: 4,294,967,295° C (2,386,092,923° F). Yeah, I agree with this thing's diagnosis — replacing the fan might be a good start.


James S. was a fan of the Technical Difficulties when they were underground, before they sold out and went mall-punk.


Sucks that the install failed. But on the bright side, Rafa, it at least tells you what to do next.


If you have to call Chuck, he'd prefer that you be mindful of his negative one anytime minutes and keep the conversation brief.


Renan S. sent this one in; more information can be found in the documentation.


There are at least two WTFs in this screenshot from Brad W.:

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