"Perhaps the USPS could use some help with logistics," writes Brad R., "I wonder what the Carbon Footprint of my 2 lb. package was for this journey?"


"Why yes, iPhone, that is EXACTLY what I'm going to type," Alex wrote. "Mighty iPhone, it's like you can read my mind!"


Ben received this email with an extra special personal touch.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: People For the American Way 
Date: Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 7:00 AM
Subject: FW: 2011 Membership Renewal: Second Notice

Dear Unsupported global dynamic element: index=1, parameter=first_name,

Kristen just told me the response to this membership renewal drive has 
been so excellent that we are within striking distance of raising 
$100,000 in online gifts for the month!

If we can get there, that means we'll have the resources to hire 
professional organizers in Wisconsin, Ohio and other key states where 
the Right is waging the most aggressive assault on American workers' 
rights that we've seen in generations.

We've got about $10,000 to go, but in order to get there by midnight 
tonight, I need your help. Can you help us close the gap and put boots
on the ground in battleground states by making a donation right now?

Hiring local organizers who know the lay of the land in these states 
will help us maintain a much-needed presence on the front lines so we
can stop right-wing governors' assaults on the middle class and the 
American Dream.

Will you renew your membership in this vital hour and help us make a 
difference on the ground?

Thank you so much for your help!


"Curious to see what other choices I had, I clicked on Show More Choices" writes Ken K., "this is what came up. Brilliant!"


Cris found these amazing savings at a local electronics shop.


"Our IT department likes to keep things a little locked down," Akshay writes, "I'm fine with them calling me {user}, but blocking trusted sites is taking things a little too far."


"Wells Fargo a pixel image in its emails to track when they've been opened," notes Andrew, "if I don't Download External Images from my mail reader, then they just assume I didn't read the message. And how do they alert me that I didn't read their email? By sending a second email."


"This came in the mail the other day," writes Tully, "so... do I send a negative check? How exactly do I pay this on time."



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