"When I called iRobot to see if they could help with my broken Roomba," M. Helm wrote, "the customer service gladly sent out an 'upgrade kit' to fix the problem and noted that I'd have to agree to the EULA sent along with it. I didn't think I'd have a problem agreeing to the EULA, until I saw this."

(hilighted for clarity)


Beau was trying to figure out what fast food place would deliver and came across this interesting result for "delivery by quiznos".


So you's wanna buy a camera eh? How's 'bout this 30-gig here? ...? No? Did I say 30? I meant 720-gig! How's 'bout it? ...? Ok, but what if I said ... 730-gig? That's as high as I can go! Eh, eh?

(from Keith)

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