"I think my Docking Station is docked to my docking station," writes Tod Hoven, "I wonder which one my laptop is docked to?"


"This was the return address on a package I received in the mail," writes Aaron.


"I got this lovely dialog box while trying to install Vodafone's mobile broadband software," writes Dan, "I think her curious look is an apt stock photo for the IsFatalError_Finish button."


"I received this in a confirmation for an upcoming hotel reservation," Rich Dudley wrote, "I think I'm going to play it safe and leave the room early. This is a rather well known casino in Las Vegas, and the odds don't seem to be in my favor there."


"I was loading some data into Salesforce and was presented with the above progress dialog," writes Andy Max, "I think I'll need some more tea."


"Wait a sec," Mike Davies wrote, "IE8 is required to install IE8?"


"I'm not sure what I was doing on Facebook, but this just popped up," wrote Ravi Lodhiya, "I guess I should be more careful to not inadvertently call AsyncRespose()."


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