"I spotted this at Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 just after the security check," wrote Ergin Salih. "One of the monitors is obviously trying to tell us something that nobody seems to be interested in, it just bounces around the screen."


"I really don't know what the staff of our local Co-op supermarket wanted to tell me about those pears," Manuel wrote, "but as a precaution, I refrained from buying them."


"If money saved is NaN, then what is it?" wonders John


"When adding Ruby gems to IntelliJ we stumbled across this surprising gem," wrote CWU, "We'll be investigating to see if we can add it to our project."


"That restaurant's invoice is a little bit too verbose," wrote Hugo St-Onge.


Robert C spotted this "Blue Box" BSOD at a publix in St. Petersburg, Florida.


"Not surprisingly, Oracle's installer failed," Michael C wrote, "I'd love to know just which files I need to send to Oracle support."


Doug found an elevator from a certain chocolate factory.


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