"If you are really thirsty, then you might be disappointed by this all-digital touch-screen soda vending machine," Scott Selikoff writes, "someone remind what was wrong with the 'old' ones that worked for decades?


"While working on Microsoft CRM 4.0, I tried to set the state of an entity through a plugin and got this helpful message," David wrote.


"While downloading a new version of Java, a file that is something from somewhere came up," writes Calvin, "Firefox crashed after that."


"This is from a well-known financial planning site," wrote Matt Parkin, "I guess 1350 and 100 are not greater than 0? Maybe I should try negative numbers."


"I was pricing a 5-client server for our client and saw this," writes Dave "despite these tough economic times, I was able to convince them to spring the extra -31.57 dollars to allow for 10 user CALs."


"I was buying some vinyl from this site," wrote Matt, "but I couldn't help but wonder, what color is shade 8?"


"I'm kind of fond of file G, so I'll have to answer No," wrote Andrej Mitrovic, "Uhm wait, what was the question again?"


"Given that I'm 25," Greg writes, "I guess I can't continue with this survey?"


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