"These characters are real troublemakers," writes Cody. "You know the guys. Hair slicked back, boots, leather jackets. Or else, pants hanging down to their knees, pagers going off. Wouldn't it be great if we could just get rid of them? Wouldn't that make life a whole lot easier?"

One of the developers he works with thought so too. These punks were messing with the system, pretending to be foreigners. That's when the coworker took the law into his own hands and decided to "get ridoff" them himself.

 * This function is called from jsp to get ridoff some
 * of the special characters
public static String removeSpecialChars(String a_sValue)
    if (a_sValue != null)
        a_sValue = a_sValue.replace('\'', ' ');
        a_sValue = a_sValue.replace('\"', ' ');
        a_sValue = a_sValue.replace('&', ' ');

    return a_sValue;

That's Justice 2.0 for you.

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