All of us cope with loss in our own personal ways. I know it can be tough to think about, but have you ever thought about how you would deal with the loss of something near and dear? Something that you have grown to love and cherish? Something that has helped you maintain strong cohesion and enforce data integrity throughout your applications?

But it could happen. No, really, it could; some languages don't support enumerations. And you need to be prepared to program in one of those languages. In your time of grieving, you don't want to go and program something like this ...

define datastruct TPSReport as
  Report_Number as fixedstring[7],
  Project_Number as fixedstring[5],
  Status__0_new_1_open_2_closed as int
  % ED: Snip ...

(Note: The submitter requested that not only the submission be anonymized, but the original programming language as well, since it was a rather obscure platform)

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