"I spotted this at the Airport of Valencia in Spain," wrote Peter P, "looks like they have quite weird temperatures there..."


"It is a zen koan!" writes Victoria Bush, "Eject the disk, and then try to eject the disk again."


Greg D writes, "I've become familiar with many of the neighborhoods around Columbus, OH, so I know that I should steer clear of Untitled Polygon, no matter what route Bing Maps suggests."


"A friend of mine was browsing Amazon when he happened across this," writes Eskara Hall, "I never realized that B-list discount cards were so valuable..."


"I just passed a certification exam and logged into the Microsoft Certified Professional area," Nathan writes, "I noticed they welcomed me... not."


"I got this when attempting to calculate my tax savings for a flexible spending account," Andrew notes, "Nice to see that flexible spending is allowed for between $0 and $0"


"After we upgraded from VMWare ESX 4 to ESXi 5, a new client was auto-downloaded on 'silent' mode, Trevor wrote, "This was message 11. The first was 100, the second 101, and all the way through 120."


"I was unsure if this was a trick question," writes Jakob.


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