A little while back, our friends at Microsoft bought the elusive The Daily WTF mugs for a whole bunch of readers. Unfortunately, many of you missed out — especially those who lived outside of the United States. But the good news is that our friends at New Relic are bringing back Free TDWTF Mug Day, and this time it's for everyone around the world!

So what's the catch? Not much, really. Just sign-up for a trial and deploy their real-time app performance analytics software before September 30th. That's it — I've done it myself, and it takes all of a few minutes to do.

Everything's free, and there's no credit card needed, or anything like that. This is just New Relic's way of thanking you for trying their software. After fourteen days, you can continue to use New Relic's Lite Monitoring for free, or upgrade to a monthly plan.

Supply is limited to 250*, so sign up soon! To get started, just follow this link and, in a few weeks time, you'll not only be more knowledgeable about New Relic, but you'll be enjoying your beverages in a nice, hefty The Daily WTF mug.

 * yes, I realize the sign-up page says 100, but we'll fix that soon


UPDATE: One other step, after deploying New Relic on your server, make sure to fill this form out as well. That way we know where to send your mug!

UPDATE #2: If you haven't signed up by now, you missed out. And if you have signed-up, just make sure to deploy to your server before September 30th in order to get your mug.

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