I generally don't publish code from the videogames because I don't believe that code quality is as important in that industry. Short of the occasional patch, once the product is shipped, it's done; there's no ten-year lifespan to worry about.

That said, it's still important to maintain some level of quality. After all, there are several people that need to work on the game, if only during its brief development lifecycle. When Brian P saw the last Representative Line article, he knew that it was an ideal place to share this following line. It's from a title that has made it through the manufacturer's QA process and has just been released in Europe, the US and Japan ...

   // MUST be set to 1!
   Params->ParentalLevel = 3;  // QA now insist this is set to 2.

Sure, it's fairly innocuous, but it really does sum up the code in that project and so many other videogames that Brian has worked on.

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