I've always felt that seeing the words HTML Programmer on a resume tell quite a bit about the candidate (for a programmer job). I can somewhat understand inflating your "skillset" with items like HTML, typing, breathing, etc; recruiters like to see those. But for a "programmer" to consider markup using a few angle-brackets as "programming" that ... well ... shows a lot. But after seeing how Mike Jervis' colleague programs HTML, maybe I was thinking about thinking about it the wrong way ...

<script id="handleClientEvents" language="VBScript">
  Sub imgNext_OnClick
    With frmForm
      window.location.href = "editAppraisal.asp?page=5"
    End With
  End Sub

  Sub lnkBackToHome_OnClick
    With frmForm
      window.location.href = "/appraisals.asp"
    End With    
  End Sub

<map name="m_Next">
  <area shape="RECT" coords="0,0,30,30" href="#">
   <img height="30" width="30" style="CURSOR: hand" 
onclick="imgNext_OnClick()" src="/images/next.gif" useMap="#m_Next"
value="Submit" type="button"></img> </area> </map> <a style="CURSOR: hand" id="lnkBackToHome"
name="lnkBackToHome_OnClick">Back to Appraisal Listings</a>

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