"This the statement I received with a check from a well-known e-tailer," John Sadowski wrote, "I believe high values of zero are involved but I'm not good at those complicated maths."


"It's certainly understandable that my credit union requires a couple days to process signing up for bill pay," notes Joe H "I'm not entirely sure what it's asking me to disagree with here though."


"This is a phone snapshot if the final screen during Leopard install," Brill Pappin. "seems someone forgot to add a little polish this time."


"I got this while installing Intel Pro network device drivers," writes Jukka, "I should have picked the Intel Noob installer instead.


"I found in the Stockport PC World store," Rob Kendrick writes, "they've fixed the Gb/GB issue now, and replaced it with one they obviously hoped 'will go unnoticed'."


Brad notes, "apparently there's some new iTunes pricing options."


"I'm not sure whether I should be disappointed or glad that this program doesn't work on my Windows 7 x64 RC," Jonathan Bastnagel writes.


"I am pretty sure everybody knows escaping XML entities is good," Aaron Stephens commented, "but perhaps the nice folks at ABC News should check their target can actually read XML before escaping."


"I was on the Winnebago website, and saw they had a section for your stories," Ben Singleton wrote, "looks like somebody didn't have a very interesting holiday."


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