Gen Carlson writes, "Google Calculator's understanding of higher-dimensional butter physics has far outpaced mine."


"Yes, the scoreboard at Verizon Center runs Windows," Peter Close, "its hard to believe it, but every screen in the arena is dependent on a single Windows 7 machine."


"A lot of complicated, time-consuming things happen during your typical installation," Patrick wrote, "This step appears to be one of them."


"I got this when I went to fill out a survey for Microsoft after completing an MCITP level exam," Brian writes, "the survey looks trickier than the exam!"


"Apparently my SIM card is pretty clever... or pretty dumb," writes Jerry.


"So, after one more marketing email from, I finally get around to hitting that unsubscribe link," writes Richard Price, "except that the page it takes you to requires you to enter your email address to unsubscribe. Which they make it fairly difficult to do... because its a readonly html input field. Nice way to retain recipients."


Viv spotted on Ascot Vale Rd, Melbourne Australia.


Al writes, "after 7 decimal places I stop caring who has the better price."


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