"I received this while trying to sort out permissions on a folder" writes Philip Upstone, "I'm happy that Windows thinks I'm so good I can do it blindfolded."


"State Farm's contact form doesn't give me a lot of confidence in their back-end systems," Jeff writes, "I also wonder if the average State Farm customer can figure out that there is actually a character between the quotes."


"I applied for a job at SaskTel," writes Tom, "it's quite obvious that I meet their standards for the technology position."


"Microsoft's nslookup tool isn't terribly complicated, but I find it's always nice to see some example usage," wrote Conrad, "let me navigate to it's article on technet... oh, wait."


Rick writes, "when I was a kid, I had to row five miles to school, upstream both ways."


"I saw this in Guangzhou, China on one of the 40+ floor buildings," Norbert writes, "I guess you could say that's some... high-level usage of Windows Explorer. Ba-dam-bum-cchh."


"Someone, somewhere, provided a path that is something" notes Shachar


"I forgot my password, so I tried to reset it. Naturally, the site requires the usual User Name, E-mail and security question," Louis Smith writes, "while I appreciate the effort, there are a few of minor issues with this. (1) it should require the answer to the security question, (2) they should be on the screen somewhere, and (3) if there isn't one for the account, then maybe go to a screen where I can enter a new one."



"When attempting to perform my self-assessment for my mid-year review, I decided to check out the 'Settings' for the web app," Michael Joseph wrote, "this is one of the settings I found. Not sure what the 'Miscellaneous Preferences' is supposed to do, but I checked it anyway. After all, I do enjoy miscellaneous things."



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