"I took a job at Initrode Software to help build the bridge to C#/.NET from their current, VB6 codebase," Chris G. writes. "It didn't take me too long to realize that the original programmers of this software — the only product that Initrode sold — had very little real-world experience."

"Recently," Chris continued, "I was fixing some of the code that was used to highlight a portion of the screen when I found this."

If MouseIsDown Then
   pic.Line (MouseStartX, MouseStartY)-(MouseStartX, Y)
   pic.Line (MouseStartX, MouseStartY)-(X, MouseStartY)
   pic.Line (X, MouseStartY)-(X, Y)
   pic.Line (MouseStartX, Y)-(X, Y)
   '***** DO NOT REMOVE THE ELSE.                     *****
   '***** Program is skipping the End If without it.  *****
   '***** Very weird.                                 *****
End If

"As expected, when I removed the else clause, the program still ran as expected and logic flow was not disturbed. I don't know what chain of events lead up to this, nor do I want to."

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