"I found this in Chat Magazine's Summer Special edition," Simon Byford writes, "I can't see myself taking advantage of this insider secret any time soon."


"For the sake of IT consultants in Bergen, Norway," wrote Jan Tore Morken, "I hope this prediction does not come true. Especially considering it is predicted to occur at 9 in the evening."


"Well," an anonymous reader pondered, "I guess that's one more way you can say five."


"Lead paint notwithstanding," Bob N Freely notes, "I'm not sure if I should let my 2 year old son play with this toy train or not. Any advice?"


Eric M spotted this in the EULA for MozyHome's client software.

(MozyPro is a TDWTF sponsor)


"Over the past few years, I've noticed the suggested tip creep from 18% to 20% to 25%," Aaron said, "I just hope FF% doesn't become the new standard."


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