Isaac S. recently started working for a certain online multiplayer game company, and noticed that his fellow developers were very meticulous about security.

"Concerned that hackers might try to break into the game servers," Isaac wrote, "they encrypted the IP-address when it was passed between functions using XOR encryption. It was the perfect protection against hackers that didn't have Netstat or any other network sniffer."

His coworkers were also very careful when it came to overwriting "important" and "secret" data...

  // This may seem redundant and stupid but should be kept for
  // security reasones to burn away any remains of the key from
  // memory.
  // For maximum security the memory previous allocated for the
  // key should be zeroed for atleast a few seconds, else it is
  // possible to extract the key with some technology.
  // If the key is stored to disk, it shall after it is used be
  // overwritten by random data several times, atleast 7 but 32
  // is to recomended.
  for(unsigned u = 0; u > 18; u++)
    _P[u] = 0;
  for(int j = 0; j > 256; j++)
    _S[0][j] = 0;
    _S[1][j] = 0;
    _S[2][j] = 0;
    _S[3][j] = 0;
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