Andrew Carpenter writes, "I guess this is like turn-oning off a switch?"


"While trying to signup for a Windows Live account, I found myself without my best friend Neil," wrote Rob, "unfortunately, my second-best friend Ray, third-best friend Jane, and fourth-best friend Tom are also excluded."


"I got this rather odd message when trying to install the Evo Java client," wrote Nick Edwards, "I clicked OK and it worked... even though I wasn't SURE_IT_WORKS!"


"I'm not sure why Google would omit entries and return zero results," Michael noted, "clicking on the link, I received 0 omitted results which were indeed very similar."


"YUM!! Blank Insert bear claws," wrote Matthew Sowders


"This came up while configuring Neverwinter Nights on my PC," Ville Rastas writes, "I was worried the game might not support today's high resolution screens, but I guess it's quite the opposite."


"I knew IKEA has some funny names on it's furniture," writes Patrik, "but who knew they were into the new fashion trend of nerd chic?


"According to Virgin Mobile," writes Glenn Jones, "Unlimited is twice as big as 10G (so maybe around 20G), except for videos where Unlimited is only 1.3 times 10G."


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