"I received this on my mobile phone bill," notes Sandor Arendse, "now I finally know what to do in an emergency... oh wait!"


"They say that extended warranties are rarely a good value," Nickolas Means writes, "I'd have to agree."


"Amazon gave me a pretty difficult choice for shipping," Scott T wrote, "Thursday for free or Thursday for only $3.99?"


"I saw this while walking past an AT&T store," Chris Clennon, "at least it's not a blue screen!"


"I realize KFC isn't the healthiest food," Colin Alston writes, "I guess Yahoo! doesn't approve."


"I was taking a survey online and came across this question," Tim Dallmann writes, "it sure is an odd ordering of answers."


"If a coupon expires on a non-existent date," Ramprasad Prabhakar writes, "did it ever expire at all?"


"Well that makes me feel better," Adrian wrote.


"I'm still trying to figure out what the limits are," writes Adam Bertrand "and how to transform my name in 1337."


"Ah good, they've already selected my opinion," Erin writes, "I suppose it's for the better; the question is so poorly worded, I would have had a hard time deciding if they hadn't helped me."


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