Sergey Shelukhin discovered this new way to do str_replace().


"I found this on my car the and noticed something a bit wrong with it," Winter writes.


"With the recent economic turmoil," Jordan writes, "GMAC has implemented a new streamlined loan application process."


"This helpful warning message randomly popped-up while trying to connect to a controller," writes Troy, "I have no clue as to what 'it' is or what 'protocol M' might be."


"I had to fill out this form before I could sign-up for MyHealth," writes Gabe Redner, "you'd think that they'd be able to automatically detect whether visitors coming to their internet webpage had access to the internet."


"A phone handset crash?" writes Carlos Garcia Braschi,"it's Not Possible!"


"I don't get it," E Ford writes, "am I too young... too old... or is it that my age cannot be represented by an imaginary number?"


"It's a brilliant offer," notes Andrew, "I can buy one for 70p... or I can make a savings and buy one for £1.25!"


"We were forced to upgrade to a new version of Numara Footprints and got this message," Jay Scholz wrote, "All of the required fields were filled in. We figured it was some sorta of meta-Zen message, kinda like the sound of one-hand clapping. "


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