"I'm not an expert at world time," Matias, "but this may be an issue with time zones. Maybe some zones have more minutes than others."


Alex Garner spotted this while checking in his flight at Virgin Blue.


"Status messages should clearly indicate what is occurring," Lance Kidwell notes, "and doing so three times is better than one."


Spencer spotted this at his local supermarket.


"There was some network glitch and Outlook had trouble opening an email," P.F. writes, "somehow, it got lost in an existential conundrum."


"I generally try to pay my bills on time," writes Sky Anderson, "but some bills make sense to delay."


"They say it's a good idea to test multiple banners when you do online advertising," S.A. writes, "but I'm not sure this is what they meant."


"I found this while registering for a Microsoft/Citrix Webinar," writes Jason, "it's a bit of a leading question if I've ever seen one."


"I went to clean up some disk space so I could back up a database," Ben wrote, "I guess I should have cleaned some disk space first?"


"It's been a long while since my stats class," Matt comments, "but I'm fairly sure you can't have an average that's greater than the maximum."


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