"I found this outside of a local pharmacy," Antonio wrote, "looks like someone has to cure amnesia on the display."


"Steam had some pretty un-special specials going on," wrote Jason.


"I was pricing out a Lenovo E420 laptop," writes Rick, "and found the red version a tad out of my price range!"


"I was looking for some parts for a solar-powered fountain," writes Robert S, "apparently you have to order a lot of them. Anyone in the market for a lot of brackets? I just need 2... maybe 3. We can split the order a few thosand ways."


"I as a bit worried when I saw Visual Studio 2010 adding a few... extra projects," Andy wrote, "thankfully, we didn't get bitten by the enterprise bug. After restarting my computer, there were still only 8 projects."


I spotted this one in the wild myself. I guess I committed a grave injustice when I entered something wrong when registering for a hotel?


"I right-clicked on my desktop and saw this," notes Ryan, "I guess Windows can't find the requested string? And no, it doesn't do anything."


"It seemed like my Air Canada flight from Toronto to Regina was a bit long," wrote Hesham Mourad, "I guess we missed the runway and, instead of turning around, just kept on going around the world until we could take another pass... twice."


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