"I received this message when trying to change the admin password on the Nortel CallPilot," Chip L. wrote, "I can kinda understand not starting with a zero... but Q and Z?"


"I got this error while trying to fill up my tank at the gas station, M.S. wrote, "I guess my credit card was pirated?"


"I got this while taking my Sun Sales Certification test," notes Jason Lassourreille, "They really want me to select Storage as the answer."


"This San Diego parking lot had some great options," writes James. "Though I only needed 40 minutes, I decided to splurge and spend the $10 for the 10-hour parking."


"I found this while reviewing the latest line of Dell switches," wrote Dave Janzen, "let's hope their packet inspection is a little better than their marketing-speak inspection."


"It seems that the developers of the Austrian price comparison platform 'Geizhals' don't like XML," notes Stefan notes.


"I found this in the newly-released Google Quick Search Box for Mac," writes Aaron, "I wonder why I can see it, then?"


"They have a number of static displays of military hardware at the Huntsville NASA Rocket Park," Richard Barclay, "but unfortunately they gave up at the copy checking stage. I thought this nice caption was useful information for a radar set." (Full size)


"I created a small, 4-second loop in Garage Band '09 and got this message," Kieran Symes writes.


"Splendid!," writes James Rourke, "this biodegradable plastic bag has done well to survive 1000 years!"


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