"What, precisely, is being misconstrued here?" writes Seth H.


"That is an Xtreme value buy!" notes Troy Payne, "but I think I'll just take the normal value buy, please."


"This popped out while I was filling out a new phone for AT&T," wrote Mike Barber, "Now I am a programmer... but I'm not sure what they wan't me to do."


"I signed up for the Microsoft Hohm Energy site, and imagine my surprise to see what I'm paying for energy for my humble abode," David Canfield writes, "No wonder I'm having trouble making ends meet."


"Apparently," wrote Ian, "my school thinks in order to get perfect on a grammar test, you must at least have a basic understanding of HTML. I'm a CS major, I should realized that was the answer."


"While searching around for a shelf system for my speakers, I found one was the right size and right price," Henry Pham writes, "but I'm not sure if it can hold the load of my speakers... or really, anything."


"I got this helpful message after re-installing software for my HP scanner," Tom notes, "it still didn't work."


"I received this when opening a SQLite DB with SQLiteSpy," Matthew notes, "apparently I was mistaken when I thought there was a problem. My bad.


"I got this window while resizing a picture in Word," Kyle writes, "it's better than 1% and NULL, I suppose."


"The relative humidity in Quebec City was so off the charts that even Wolfram Alpha's weather applet couldn't resolve it," writes Erik Kretschmer.


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