"I recently received two identical letters apologizing for multiple communications," wrote Corey A. Spitzer, "and I didn't even receive any of the voicemails the letters referred to. "


"What are the chances that a Judge just happens to be named 'Court is Vacant'?" Yasir Shafi wondered, "but three different judges? Maybe they should use a middle initial or something."


"My team was migrated to a new Enterprisey SDLC application," Gordon wrote. "Imagine our surprise when they changed the status of work orders 'Ready for Analysis.' It didn't help when our trainer emphatically warned us that he was going to 'wear us out.'"


"I honestly think that Aquamacs could have tried a third row of buttons on this confirmation dialog," notes Rowan Lewis


"This particular vintage of Quavers had a fairly brute nose," Alan J. Brown notes, "but it's palate was warm and rolled nicely into a cheesy finish."


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