Hannes lucked out: he wasn't assigned to the .NET Migration Project. Of course, that doesn't mean he's free from it, as several hours each day, he hears the unmistakable signs of his officemate working on the project: "oh you've got to be kidding me," "why would they do that," "what the --?!"

One particular outburst, filled with plenty of not-safe-for-work language, caught Hannes' attention. It was on one of the hundreds of ASP pages that his coworker was trying to reverse engineer and document...

if iStart = iOffset*(iStart/iOffset) then
   value = aResults(2, iOffset*(iStart/iOffset))
   summary = summary & ". " & value
end if

While Hannes wasn't able to provide any insight into the purpose of that IF statement, he did notice out that iStart is always twenty and iOffset is always a multiple of twenty. But it wasn't until his coworker replied "oooh, well that makes sense, then" that he realized how much he had truly lucked out.

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