"I received these three letters all on the same day," wrote Martin P., "two were sent October 31st and the other November 1st, and they all said pretty much the exact same thing. At least it's comforting to know we're saving trees."


Colin came across this message in a piece of news-gathering/journalist software.


Yousuf H notes, "the taxes around here charge a bit of a premium during the holidays."


"A few weeks ago, our local Channel 9 (left) listed one town's temperature as 150," Ken Cooney wrote, "apparently, our local Fox affiliate's Weather had to top that. The battle for which channel can display the hottest temperature has begun!"


"This error was displayed for the three days I was in Niagara Falls," Dale King writes, "I can't really tell, but maybe it is prompting someone to hit F1, and they haven't been able to get the appropriate managers to sign off on the 'hit F1' process."


"And go figure," Dale King, "this was the message that popped up when I went to download pictures from the trip."


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