"Working in IT, I see lots of error messages," writes Eric, "this one, however, was unique. Apparently the computer didn't nobulate quite right..."


Jamie S got this while installing the Hudson.


"Not sure if they sacked IT Support to cover MP's expenses," Mike Davies writes, "so... is that warn or chilly?"


"I found this scrolling across a register at a Starbucks," Craig writes.


"It looks like the rangers in Volcanoes National Park left their trivia on the old road somewhere," Rob wrote.


"Too many choices?" Craig wonders, "then again, can you really ever have too many choices?"


"I found this monitor on Amazon," writes David Elder, "not quite sure how good of a touch-screen it is, though."


"I was filling form AR-11 on the US Citizen and Immigration Services website, and then went to submit it," Adarsha writes, "it came back with this request, which was somewhat hard to answer. I hit submit anyway, but then got an error saying 'Null is required'."


"I was adding XML comments to my .NET 3.5 project when Visual Studio 2008 gave me this error," Matt "Frito" Alline wrote, "I tried to fix the error by getting everyone to switch over to C#, but that didn't fly with management."


"Quite the Zen error message here," George S writes, "but hey, at least there was an emoticon on the error message!"


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