"I'm pretty sure that the price tagging software at Forever 21 trims the beginning and end of the Description field," George. "Either that, or these are more popular than I realized."


"The new grading software the school uses takes security very seriously," Ben W-R writes, "not even the intended recipient can decipher the progress reports."


"I think only Kurt Godel can solve this one," writes Paul G.


Frank got this exceptional note on his invoice.


"I mistyped a date on some web form," Michael Sondergaard noted, "obviously, it wasn't wrong enough."


"I got this error when trying to launch Battlefield 2," notes Russ.


Phillip Sitbon commented, "I love knowing when software points out bad self-referential habits!"


"I've been planning the migration of a database server to a new Veritas Cluster Server-managed cluster and thought that I should verify the install procedure," Jarrod Spiga writes, "but let's just say the instructions supplied by Veritas/Symantec are less than clear, especially on pages 123 and 124."


"At the visitors' center in the Little Farm in Tilden Park (Oakland, CA)," notes Colin, "there's a scale that tells you your body's water volume. Mine is apparently '-STACK @ 555'."


"I've been using a Yamaha AW4416 multitrack recorder a lot lately," noted Erno Palonheimo, "this is what happens if you don't have a hard disk hooked up and try to enter the song edit mode. Extra points for the... creature. Penguin? Maybe."


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