Phew! Sheesh, I'm still feeling yesterday's SQL-Cookie post, so we'll have to tone it down just a bit today and with this submission from Gavin. He was maintaining an ASP-based web application and couldn't seem to figure how where all these variables (sTmp, iI, etc) used throughout the code were coming from. They weren't declared, and Option Explicit was on, so it just didn't make sense.

Buried behind three levels of include files in the footer, Gavin finally found ...

' temporary variables
Dim iI
Dim iJ
Dim iK
Dim iL
Dim iM
Dim iN
Dim iO
Dim iP
Dim iQ
Dim iR
Dim iS
Dim sTmp
Dim sTmp2
Dim sTmp3
Dim sTmp4
Dim sTmp5
Dim sTmp6
Dim sTmp7
Dim sTmp8
Dim aTmp
Dim aTmp2
Dim aTmp3
Dim aTmp4
Dim aTmp5
Dim aTmp6

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