"The first time I logged into a new system, I was prompted to change my password," John said. "After I typed in what I thought was a perfectly acceptable password, this popped up."

"Figuring I’d play their game," John continued, "I created a password with lots of redundancy that met these qualifications. The next time I logged in to the system, I got a new message."


"I noticed this crosswalk light in Washington, DC," Abe writes. "It gives a whole new meaning to 'counting backwards'."



"I made it to my destination," Ryan Murphy wrote, "but I never found the sign for Default Sign Text, Massachusetts."


"I was setting up my new SE T700 when this message came up on the screen," wrote Jason. "I'm all for automatic daylight savings time changes, but do I have to keep the phone for another 61 years?"


"I've never seen DO NOT USE star in a movie or in a TV show before," Jeff B commented, "but he's apparently good enough to star AND co-star in this show."


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