J Watson experienced password complexity at its finest.


"I was searching for a news article in a specific country when I realized that there were two countries that I've never heard about," writes Brett Wilson


"I ordered a Demand Draft from ABN Amro Bank for EUDD-II'GZB," writes Ashish K Mondal, "after seeing the ' replaced with a ', I felt confident that they take XSS quite seriously."


"I suppose the first part of the error is odd enough," writes Nicholas, "but the impossiBe situation makes any resistance futile!"


"I was trying to check-in to my flight," Timo writes, "the site asked for a booking code and nothing else. Fulfilling that request, I was met with this curious cry of discontent. "


"I got this message when I inserted my Sandisk USB drive," Reinier wrote, "I'm not quite sure what it wants me to do."


"I was setting up a StarWing iSCSI target," Chris S writes, "and I put in my default testing password ('test123password'). I guess it was way too short."


Corné das Ottaar experienced this weird error... err, message after a crash?


"TODO," writes Matthew, "remove 'Notes to Self' from alert() boxes."


"I was changing the secret questions on my Yahoo account and got this," Glenn J writes, "Error=puzzling."


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