The first three times I received submissions like Schien Dong's, I passed them up. They're "just" HTML WTFs, after all. But you know what they say -- fourth time is the charm -- so, here goes. First, consider this fairly typical cellular phone usage log from Fido Mobile's on-line account viewing website ...

Schien was interested to know how many calls were placed to a particular phone number and thought he'd do an Select All & Copy and Paste the data into Excel. When it took a full five-seconds for his computer to respond to the Select All operation, Schien thought, "hmm, that's odd." When the results pasted into only a single column in the spreadsheet, Schien thought, "what the heck?" When he went back to the browser window and did a View Source, Schien thought -- well, I'll let you guess ...

<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:575;left:74;"><NOBR> 115</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:575;left:108;"><NOBR>***</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:575;left:136;"><NOBR>May **</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:575;left:191;"><NOBR>14:20</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:575;left:232;"><NOBR>INCOMING  </NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:575;left:454;"><NOBR>TORONTO</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:575;left:538;"><NOBR>ON</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:575;left:602;"><NOBR>INC</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:575;left:641;"><NOBR>  00:22</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:575;left:707;"><NOBR> 0.00</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:575;left:781;"><NOBR>0.00</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:575;left:873;"><NOBR>0.00</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:575;left:947;"><NOBR>0.00</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:587;left:74;"><NOBR> 116</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:587;left:108;"><NOBR>***</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:587;left:136;"><NOBR>May **</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:587;left:191;"><NOBR>14:50</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:587;left:232;"><NOBR>INCOMING  </NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:587;left:454;"><NOBR>TORONTO</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:587;left:538;"><NOBR>ON</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:587;left:602;"><NOBR>INC</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:587;left:641;"><NOBR>  01:40</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:587;left:707;"><NOBR> 0.00</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:587;left:781;"><NOBR>0.00</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:587;left:873;"><NOBR>0.00</NOBR></DIV>
<DIV CLASS=F13809 STYLE="top:587;left:947;"><NOBR>0.00</NOBR></DIV>

And for your reading pleasure, you can enjoy the experience yourself with the original source (

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