As programmers, we have a bit of a tendency to over-architect things ...

You don't want everyone to see your price sheet PDF? Easy stuff, we just need a few tables: Users, Groups, Roles, Operations, Tasks, and so on. Then we'd need a user authentication subsystem with a maintenance interface. And then a PDF-management database to allow users to upload and view docum ---- oh, you mean you just want to password-protect the sheet?

I believe this is an innate desire to challenge ourselves: really, who wants to just add a stupid password to a stupid PDF document? Now we've all seen how fun going "all out" can be, but sometimes going "the complete opposite of 'all-out'" can be just as fun, as the anonymous submitter learned when becoming the proud new maintainer of an accounting system. I only wish the programmers behind my accounting system made an "alexp.asp" page just for me ...

If UCase(Trim(rsGetUserID("JOB_TITLE"))) = "MANAGER" AND UCase(usrID) <> "JEREMYP" THEN
  session("grantaccess") = "MANAGER"
  session("showDebug") = "none"

'RONALDT FIX - Needed for Ronald to view KevinS's jobs
ElseIf UCase(usrID) = "RONALDT" then 
  Response.Redirect "ronaldt.asp"

'JEREMYP FIX - Needed for Jeremy to view BobC's jobs
'ElseIf UCase(usrID) = "JEREMYP" then 
'  Response.Redirect "jeremyp.asp"

ElseIf UCase(Trim(rsGetUserID("JOB_TITLE"))) = "DEVELOPER" Or UCase(usrID) = "LINDAA" Or _
       UCase(usrID) = "CAROLK" Or UCase(usrID) = "SUMMERE" Or UCase(usrID) = "SHAUNR" Or _
       UCase(usrID) = "JESSIES" Or UCase(usrID) = "SHADAR" Or UCase(usrID) = "MILOS" Or _
       UCase(Trim(rsGetUserID("JOB_TITLE"))) = "DATABASE MANAGER" Or _
       UCase(Trim(rsGetUserID("JOB TITLE"))) = "DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR" Or _
       UCase(Trim(rsGetUserID("JOB_TITLE"))) = "CONTROLLER" Or _
       UCase(Trim(rsGetUserID("JOB_TITLE"))) = "ACCOUNTANT" Or _
       UCase(Trim(rsGetUserID("JOB_TITLE"))) = "INTERNAL AUDIT MANAGER" Then
  'session("ignoretabs") = "yes"
  Response.Redirect "Special.asp"

'ElseIf UCase(usrID) = "LINDAA" Or UCase(usrID) = "SHADAR" Then
  'session("restrictaccess") = "YES" 
  'session("showDebug") = "none" 
  'Response.Redirect "Special.asp"

'''' --- SNIP --- ''''

'ElseIf UCase(usrID) = "SHAUNR" Or UCase(usrID) = "JESSIES" Or UCase(usrID) = "SHADAR" Then
  'session("grantaccess") = "HR" 
  'session("showDebug") = "none" 

ElseIf UCase(usrID) = "WILLW" Or UCase(usrID) = "PATRICKS" Then
  session("showDebug") = "none"
  Response.Redirect "Special.asp"   

ElseIf UCase(session("UID")) = "CAROLK" Or UCase(usrID) = "JONF" OR UCase(session("UID")) = "BRENTS" Then
  session("grantaccess") = "Accounting"
  session("showDebug") = "none"

  session("grantaccess") = "SALES"
  session("showDebug") = "none"

End If
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