"I took this picture from my cell phone at the Wendy's drive-thru," Chris Jones noted. "Somehow, the total still came out correct."


"I found this helpful text while setting up my firewall," wrote Jonathan, "it wasn't really what I expected."


"This popped up for me on 1and1.com's webmail login," Jess said, "I suspect this could make for a rather interesting tech support call..."


Aaron Smith received this highly informative error message...


Frej Bjon wrote, "either the jet streams were unusually brisk that day, or this highly regular MD-11 just decided to go supersonic... for almost the entire flight."


"I got this rather peculiar warning dialog," Iain wrote, "I'm not really sure if the file (files?) were renamed correctly, so any help would be appreciated."

(non-wrapped version)


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