Terry Solid writes, "I tried to do a direct debit in the amount of $0.00, but the eBay system told me I was an idiot and had to deposit a minimum of $1.00. To add insult to injury, it took a full twenty-five minutes of explanation before the eBay rep realized that there was, in fact, no way for one to transfer $0.00 to unhold my account


"Go figure," Chris mentioned, "just my luck that a call that could never fail somehow managed to do so."


Duncan Maitland spotted this helpful message in Sydney on New Years Eve...


After booting to the repair partition on his computer, Peter Alley saw this. "Umm... choice please?"


"After filling out a job application on Monster," Scott Selikoff wrote, "I was asked this. I wonder if the last guy was fired because he answered 'No'."

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