"Awww," Jay wrote, "those poor bananas."


I received a whole bunch of different versions of this iTunes upgrade screenshot, all with different fonts. Christoph's random font was the most interesting...


"I'm used to Window's crazy messages," Tim T wrote, "but these Linux ones are a whole new ball game."


Abram Nichols encountered this in GroupWise, and wasn't quite sure how to respond.


"I spotted this in an Argos sale," Darren Chapman wrote, "it must have been a good deal, as they had sold out of 'No text found for this product'."


"Ummm," Werner wrote, "file not found?"


"After messing with Yahoo! pipes," Menno wrote, "I suddenly encountered the error '9006 should be bigger then[sic] 9006'. Interesting."




UPDATE: Now with content instead of a "null"!

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