"As much as I detest Novell GroupWise," wrote Ben P, "it is reasuring to that they use the much-loved protocol droid to process commands."


"This is the default selection on this contact form, D Traver Adolphus writes, "at least it takes some of the thought out of it."



"This is a required orientation quiz at the University of Maryland," writes Ben Storer, "I can only hope that the meeting with the Director of Student Services can help resolve the difficulties with nothing."


"This seems to have been addressed to the wrong person," Scott writes, "I hope Mr. MERGE ERROR doesn't mind that I am receiving his email."


"When shopping at the local super market for a cheap diner and a movie," Stefan Thoolen wrote, "I noticed very weird Ajam stuff!"


"I was really confused when I saw this," notes Cristián Romo, "I thought it would be good to look up what a ? drive was, but decided against it because I probably didn't have enough disks to solve the problem."


"I cruised over to the Taco Bell to grab some tacos," wrote Chad Doolittle, "little did I know that order confirmation screens were susceptible to scandisk errors! "


"I opened audacity and hit the letter 'K' on my keyboard before I opened a file," Cedric Mamo wrote, "the program seems to want to mock me."


"Here's an error I got from the game Blueberry Garden," Tyler Menezes, "Inconvienient indeed, it hadn't saved my game. Well, at least it said it was sorry."


"I caught this on TV the other day," writes Brian Reed, "I'm not sure which is the bigger WTF... the date in the weather alert or the fact that the cable company had a banner running on all channels telling viewers to tune to HSN (the Home Shopping Network channel) to see the alert."


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