"It's a wonder I was able to pay for this drink after looking high and low for the register," notes Jon Baker.


"All I wanted to do was fill out a vacation request," Jason notes, "the program suggested creating a CSN... but that's not an acronym I'm familiar with... or can even find. I just cancled and tryied agian."


"My satellite recorder got a bit confused," notes David Harvey, "but the new description of The Daily Show seems rather apt, though."


Tai writes, "I can't imagine what a purple monkey dishwasher has to do with the database."


"Wow," Jamie D writes, "I can maximise my income by allowing people to advertise on my site for $0!"


"I really must stop typing emails that are several words long," Dave Cartwright commented, "clearly, these break Notes 7.0 so badly that it causes the error message to error."


"While taking a survey that seemed to be about Italian cuisine, I came across a conundrum regarding coffee." notes Stephen Gazard, "I don't drink it, but I've eaten pasta. Which do I choose?"


"I installed Windows Vista. Then I installed the first Service Pack. Then I installed the Service Pack that comes after that," writes Dave Cartwright, "but the result of this latter activity doesn't reassure me that I've gained anything."


"I wanted to send a package via TNT express mail," writes Chris Martin, "but it seems they no longer do next-day delivery. But they can deliver packages into the distant past, though."


"Fortunately, this junk mail sent to Łąkami made it to my mailbox," writes Krzysztof, "I'm lucky the postman remembered the UTF-8 codes!"


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