You've probably encountered more than your fair share of inadequately descriptive variable and function names. Debugging a function with variables named a, a1, a2, a0, aO, al, a1l, al1, aIl, a1I, and al1I is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

On the opposite end, we have this code from an anonymous submitter:

class DrugStrengthFormCountryManufacturerPharmacyCopayProductPriceFactory

    public DrugStrengthFormCountryManufacturerPharmacyCopayProductPrice
        PharmacyCopayProductPrice (SecurityContext securityContext,
            SalesOrderProductSupplier salesOrderProductSupplier,
            Organization copay)

        /* some code here */



Those naming conventions are consistent throughout the code, too. Imagine hundreds of lines of code declaring instances of RidiculouslyLongClassNameThatsPracticallyImpossibleToRead, calling functions like GetRidiculouslyLongClassNameThatsPracticallyImpossibleToReadById.

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