"Not too long after starting at my new job," Franc wrote, "I came across a rather unique way of noting what code needed to be fixed."

"This was the message came up when I went to build."

------ Rebuild started: Project: Prod, Configuration: Debug .NET ------

Preparing resources...
Updating references...
Performing main compilation...
   warning CS0168: The variable 'SUSBSTITUTE_CODE' is declared but never used

Build complete -- 0 errors, 1 warnings
Building satellite assemblies...

"WTF?! I thought to myself. I opened the source file:

// We NEED to figure out what to do with the 
// settings for a company within one instance
// At the moment the delivery methods are shared 
// but the Product settings are not!!

It took a lot not to laugh out too loud. SourceSafe showed me who the author was: he was my team lead, and he was sitting right behind me. I politely asked him to explain SUSBSTITUTE_CODE to me.

"You know," he replied, "no one actually cares for // TODO. I wanted to put the message where everyone will see it, and eventually fix the code."

He didn't respond when I mentioned that the code had been there for over six months.

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