"Drat!" Arttu notes, "the limits of displaying long numbers caught me again!"


"It took a few tries," John writes, "but the second option worked."


Andrew writes, "I really hope I live to be more than 0 years old."


"IT professionals can wear many hats," Rich Lovely wrote, "glad to see our local college is preparing us for this one."


"Thanks for the self-esteem boost, CNN," writes Chris Heng.


"I finally matched the lady's head with the buff guy's body!" writes Chris H, "Does that mean I win?


"After a hard day's work debugging web services, I decided to visit the vending machine to treat myself" wrote Iain Collins. "Apparently fate has a sense of humor."


"I saw this today while browsing our University 'Cadetship Opportunities' notice board," Dean Camera writes, "Apparently not even the University staff read the darn thing."


"I stood there for a couple of seconds trying to figure out what this means," notes Jason Berberich, "I'm still not sure."


"I signed in remotely to help clean up the work computer over night," Jacob writes, "but then I came across this interesting problem with the disk-cleanup wizard."


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