"If you've got a public-facing web site that gets millions of hits a day," Luke writes, "chances are you have a middle-tier services layer you hit via HTTP. And every now and then, some of those HTTP requests will fail."

"What's the best way to handle this condition? Get to a known condition by shutting down the entire JVM and Application Server, of course!"

if (searchResponse == HttpURLConnection.HTTP_OK) {
  is = conn.getInputStream();
  IBindingFactory bfact = BindingDirectory.getFactory(PastWxHourly.class);
  IUnmarshallingContext uctx = bfact.createUnmarshallingContext();
  pastWxHourlyResults = (PastWxHourly) uctx.unmarshalDocument(is, null); 
} else {
  logger.info(this.getClass().getName() + "INVALID RESPONSE CODE!");

"We take our application failures very seriously."

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