"I'm just a software guy, so I don't know much about wiring and whatnot," writes Chip, "but I'm pretty sure this isn't a good way to build out a server closet."


"I've seen Ethernet-Fiber bridges grow in popularity as offices need faster and faster networking speeds," Greg writes, "however, it's not too often you see a bridge that covers a 1-foot gap with two Ethernet-Fiber bridges as I saw at one company."


"I was having some DHCP-related networking issues one morning that resulted in me being unable to access our internal networks," writes Brad, "apparently, it had something to do with being on the 'wrong' VLAN, and our IT guy suggested that he simply move my LAN connection to another port on another switch. It was taking him an eternity to move my connection, and after bugging him half a dozen times, he suggested I stop by to see what the issue was. It was the first time I saw our server room."


"It was a pretty rainy fall, and quite a few people had a roof that sprung a leak or two," writes Ergin, "most of those people fixed those leaks, but a certain company I know opted for this solution instead."


"This is not what I meant when I told my client to get network attached storage," writes Tyler.


Brian Egge spotted this dual-use server/wash room at a car wash in Sydney.


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