Ever since the first Free Sticker Week ended back in February '07, I've been sending out WTF Stickers to anyone that mailed me a SASE or a small souvenir. More recently, I've been sending out the coveted TDWTF Mugs for truly awesome souvenirs. Nothing specific; per the instructions page, "anything will do." Well, here goes anything, yet again! (previous: Irish Girl).

When this box from Dudley Fox (Austin, TX) arrived at the office, to say that I was filled with exuberance would be a gross understatement. I mean, really. First off: cheese. And secondly: cheese by fricken mail. Oh no, it doesn't get any better than this.

But when I tore open the box, I was surprised to find that it wasn't filled with seasoned and aged molded masses of pressed milk curd. Digging through the contents, however, I realized it was something else. Something even better than cheese. It was a box of awesomeness. Behold its contents:

So what exactly does a box of awesomeness consist of? Here goes:

GI Joe Magnet Set complete with Flint, Destro, Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes; The Encyclopedia of Immaturity; the Original Instant Life Sea-Monkeys; Duncan's How To Be A Player Vol 1 featuring music tracks by Less Than Jake and the Imperial-shaped looping ProYo yo-yo; real-live-now-dead scorpion-in-a-block-of-plastic keychain; 3/8" thick titanium Scion-engraved keychain; The Ultimate Pocket Protector with 25 different geek cling stickers and lanyard; unused red Dunlop .50mm guitar pick from Tortex; Speed Racer miniature figure featuring classic-style Speed Racer ready to speed race; two different Mark My Words customizable bookmark/sticker kit (for Cooks for Readers); complete set of Fred die-cut emoticon clips; 4-disk FreeBSD 4.6 operating system with condensed guide; Red vs Blue Season One (special edition) DVD and Season Two DVD; and, finally, Neverwinter Nights Platinum including all three Neverwinter Nights adventures.


"I hope this counts as a 'truly awesome' souvenir," Yelena M (Westbury, NY) writes, "it is, after all, a beer mug! Plus, to translate the text, a little Russian dictionary." Oh yes Yelena, it is quite awesome - thanks for sending, and hope you enjoy your TDWTF mug.


Lisa Lake (Cleveland, OH) stopped by the Inedo offices in Berea and, not only bought me a beer, but also gave me this Leo Gallagher's boarding pass. Apparently, Gallagher was standing in line at the airport (without his giant watermelon-smashing hammer, thanks to post 9-11 regulations), asked Lisa what time it was, and then gave her his pass.


"Not too long ago, I was taking a crate of old computer manuals to my local recycling center and something in the big bin of books caught my eye," David J Caine (Bethlehem, PA) writes. "I know how much you enjoyed 2000 Insults for All Occasions, so here is 2000 More Insults. Thankfully, I did not fall in the bin while retrieving it." As am I, David! I can't express how excited I am to fill my repertoire with zingers like "his conceit is in inverse ration to his lack of ability" and "he writes all his office memos on 'rapping' paper."


"I received this 'Shooter Gun for (the) Wii Remote' as a gift and was thrilled that I could finally have my 'greatest gaming experience' and 'feel apart of the game' by playing in 'real action'." Wes Lewis (Upper Arlington, OH) writes. "However, I soon realized that, since the trigger for shooting games is located under the Wii Remote, you have to shoot by pressing a button near the barrel of the gun instead of by using the trigger."


"Enjoy this random stuff from Hasbro," writes Reijo. "Who doesn't like nerf? Although, I'm sure your charisma falls a few points just by wearing these things."

Charisma? No doubt. But who needs that when you've got Intimidation? And, as you can see for yourself, the Nerf armbands deliver pure intimidation:

We're talking like +4 THAC0 intimidating
added bonus: they make you look & feel ten years younger


Ilkka Savilampi (Finland) sent some random stuff from Finland. And from Japan. And as I've mentioned before, the yen "coin" still feels like plastic. I thought we talked about this, Japan? I know it's only a single Yen, but put some heft in there!


Dear Reader from Salt Lake City: this envelope arrived empty and torn up like this. I would have displayed its contents here, but, I suspect they've been chewed up in the gears of some giant postal machine.


Benny Ling (Australia) send this "Chinese red packet containing some other goodies." It wasn't "goodies" as in, the traditional monetary contents of a red packet, but fun none the less.


"On a recent business trip, I somehow ended up with this free ticket to see Bill Clinton speak," Suzanne (Toronto) writes. "And on that same trip, the airline gave me this other, handwritten ticket for my flight home. I actually boarded the plane with it. Good thing they don't actually rely on those for anything... right?"


These stickers came from Chris MicShane (Oklahoma City, OK). Sadly, the referenced website does not allow one to buy that adorable hat for their own kitty, which means that I'll have to think of something else for this Halloween.


"Enjoy this useless 16MB MicroSD Card," wrote Jeffery Clark (Tuscon, AZ). And in case you were curious, the card had nothing on it.


Sanjin Tajic (Bosnia Hercegovina) traded these stickers for some TDWTF ones.


Kat (Knoxville, TN) writes, "I found this in an old box of files at work."


"These immaculately penned notes are from a notebook I rescued from the dumpster," KJ Coop (San Diego) writes. "As for the sticker, I got it from the TSA for my 'six year-old nephew'. The suckers: I don't have a nephew!"


"Here's a chalk holder from the NYC Dept of Education," writes Paul Z (NYC).


And finally, some more random stuff from around the world.


Don't forget to snail-mail in your own souvenirs for some TDWTF stickers. Ultra-awesome souvenirs (like, say, steak) could even get you a TDWTF mug.

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