As those of you who run a blog — or really, any website with any form on it anywhere — know, spammers are unavoidable. Add a CAPTCHA and they’ll crack it. Add a really difficult CAPTCHA and they’ll just outsource it to CAPTCHA-solving sweatshops in Kerbleckistan. Add a spam filtering comment service and they’ll just figure out a way around it. All the while, users will become more and more frustrated at how difficult it is to share a simple comment.

Generally, the spammers post links to things like counterfeit designer boots and replica watches. Sometimes they’ll pull a few words out of the article and say “how I loved your writing about BOOL, it was a good point. I agree that FILE_NOT_FOUND is important! If you like this article, you should check out these discount kitten mittens.”

But every now and then, they’ll spam something … a bit different. No links, no sales pitch, nothing even remotely intelligible. At least, I think; I can’t really tell, but maybe you can. This stream of emails were submitted to the contact form a little while back over the course a couple days.

yahoo house (from yahoohousema):
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steven tree (from steventreesu):
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ibm microsof (from ellbpnrua):
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apple global (from appleglobal):
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university s (from universityst):
berries. were about for kids It is often chunk

global go ki (from ckit):
by year. to it where I spent tree from of my up to tree We need I got I assumed parents attempt.

global tree (from gl):
because We need took cutting off now

night canada (from smugij):
else by helping places years later. stretching

free stay un (from univaz):
removing trees I was exploring and began I was and foxes the wild parents

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