"This came for Susan H, who is one of the professors in our department," Nathan wrote. "This is probably why REPLACE(address,'USA','United States of America') isn't the best strategy."


"Somehow Six Flags still accepted this ticket," notes Sean


"This is one of those Wish-It-Was Two-Factor forms where you protect your account by answering several questions that only you should know the answer to," Sean Crotty writes, "if only it has asked for my second favorite number, which is 27,991,407,809."


"I found this in a production scanning application," Chris Peterson wrote.


"Google should really look into affiliating themselves with www.google.com," writes Anders Ljusberg.


"This ATM wouldn't give me any money," writes Tom Yospos, "after repeatedly pressing buttons in frustration, it told me to politely stop."


"I spotted this in St Kilda Rd (Melbourne, AU," notes, "this is why you don't use Mail Merge for your Real Estate boards."


I wanted to contact LinkedIn support... but couldn't get past this form.


"I was attempting to save a webpage as a PDF when I got this error," writes Mike.


"Really computer!?" Danny V writes, "just one? You can't like, do a loop or something and print 8 copies for me?! Fine. I'll press print 8 times. Sheesh."


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