"I consider myself to be a fairly inquisitive guy," Aaron writes, "I tend to not just dive in and start changing code without understanding the system architecture and a general understanding of the business rules."

"At my most recent job, this quest for knowledge has proven to be just about futile. No one seems to know exactly what the application does, let alone how the system is designed. The schema of the databases all but impossible, and figuring out the logic used in the stored procedures is daunting. Still, when I came across the following bit of T-SQL code, I couldn't help myself..."

UPDATE Test SET Ran = Ran + 1

"Unsure about what this curious debug looking statement was trying to achieve, I hoped looking at the table definition would clear things up a little."

TABLE [Test]

"Like many things here," Aaron added, "it's sometimes best not to ask too many questions."

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